Has The Reality Game Show Parody Killed Quality Team Building?

Survivor is arguably the “Grand-Daddy” of all truth TV recreation suggests.

Hot on the heels of its first season manner returned in May of the year 2000 got here the tacky team building copies.

It become certainly an interesting and popular formulation. It became without problems imitated and without difficulty understood by way of many subject driven assembly planners and PA’s looking for to make a brief and coffee-price choice for their meetings and rancid-websites.
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Hence the Reality TV parody for crew building became simply as short as its Reality TV notion itself to take maintain.

Amongst the potential troubles lurking underneath the subject matter, turned into that “vote casting human beings off the tribe” became just a little too close to the painful redundancies that frequently include corporate restructures, not to say the sour intra-crew alliances so hotly debated at the shows. It was all approximately scheming and politics.

This thing of the actual shows apart, copying them became additionally the start of a “slippery slope” for plenty emerging group building providers who either selected to, or were forced to depend on the borrowed creativity of TV manufacturers for his or her thought. Putting inside the difficult yards on your own programme layout and R&D is continually a more strong foundation.

After all, the finest experiential mastering mediums are those which have been carefully created, examined and tailored to meet the needs of discerning business customers.

Amongst the objectives of such excellent programmes is the building and growing of relationships and resolving internal opposition into true not unusual awareness. You need to additionally be aiming to accelerate the crew improvement manner (ie. “ye-olde” Form, Storm, Norm, Perform and so forth).

How many reality TV suggests simply have a premise or a assemble that exists to enhance human relationships, team dynamics and collaboration?

These suggests at satisfactory seem to cater to a few unhealthy ranges of “schadenfreude”, and at their worst the ritualised public humiliation of these who’ve briefly surrendered the rights to their personal narrative to the editors in the wish of a cash prize.

Sounds a bit an excessive amount of like huge company way of life at its worst, however its absolutely not a extremely good premise for assisting to obtain greater inclusive and self-actualising cultures that many precise leaders are aiming for.

If the parodies were absolutely kept as occasional “tongue in cheek” fun for in simple terms recreational crew building, then the Survivor genre may be a snort at a conference, but lamentably it truly is not where it ended.

Not lengthy after Survivor got here the cooking, dancing, relationship and singing indicates. They too produced a wave of tacky event based totally copies at corporate meetings and meetings the world over, as did Mr Trump’s “The Apprentice”.

In phrases of creativity and innovation the straw that without a doubt broke the camel’s returned was likely “The Amazing Race”.

This is probably the maximum shamelessly imitated team project within the international. Stick the name “Race” on even the tackiest CBD treasure hunt and it would sell.

This changed into a darkish and cringeworthy duration in the records of expert group building for people who had seen higher days in terms of originality and complexity for crew based totally programmes (and desperately awaited their return).

It turned into too clean for choice-makers to apprehend what were visible on TV over more unique offerings. The danger become, and indeed nonetheless is, that unwell-notion out hobby constructs in a time-compressed layout with company customers can absolutely cause base competitive drives and in fact do greater harm than true.

Competition is of path all nicely and good for some briefs, but unexpectedly planned and achieved reality display parodies can serve to carry out the worst in some groups and hence open up the lid on a can of worms that the facilitators may also simply lack each the time and the capabilities to place the lid returned onto.

A patron can as a result be left with harm to their team dynamics no longer without difficulty repaired once teams disperse after the off-website back to their day to day fact.

To have properly-that means PA’s and conference planners sincerely select the reasonably-priced truth TV knock-off for the lack of time and motivation to perform a little proper due diligence at the content became painful to peer.

Commercial fact dictated that even the satisfactory carriers had to have their personal variations of those formats of their portfolios, but no longer a great deal expert satisfaction can come from delivering what is essentially any person else’s concept.

Better and some distance longer-lasting effects come from programme constructs and narratives that have been crafted in particular to goal authentic commercial enterprise issues and group / leadership dynamics. They additionally want make sure that what receives “added out” at some point of the hobby in a behavioural feel with reference to the crew dynamics remains manageable in the bounds of the short.

This doesn’t suggest that all truth TV knock-offs are not a laugh and beneficial for the proper brief (if properly planned and completed), however they have to no longer be the default and lazy desire within a area in which innovation and intensity need to be demanded if real outcomes are searched for a client.

Unfortunately the “Race” genre fast became a “Race to the lowest” for lots. Any Google search for group building will verify this.

Funnily enough, because the onscreen call for for reality TV indicates abates in place of demand for better great production values and drama (e.G. Game of Thrones over the cooking shows), so too are we seeing a “renaissance” of best and creativity in team constructing.

The call for for best, sophistication and consequences is surely returning along with a few more realistic expectations that terrific programmes that get effects will truely fee money.

So whilst Reality TV did now not “kill” excellent group constructing, it genuinely has taken it down a few cheap and nasty darkish alleys.

Profesisonal carriers have no longer enjoyed the industry venturing into those decrease realms, and are virtually extremely joyful to peer a return to innovation and pleasant.

Talan Miller Managing Director, Sabre Corporate Development, May 2014

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