Practicality of a baby nest


Practicality of a baby nest

There are lot of baby nests and baby nest like products out there. The photos of them with babies in them always look so cute and cosy that it almost makes you want to snuggle up in one of them. Besides looking comfy how practical are they really?

The biggest bonus is that it can used in variety of places. Baby nest can be used on the sofa, in the cot, on your double bed, when travelling or any firm, sturdy surface really. The four practical carry straps make moving it around effortless (of course without baby inside). The wooden piece at the bottom provide stability and firmness.

The inner length of the mattress is 30 x75 cm and the sides are 12 cm high. Babies love a baby nest as thanks to its design it makes them feel snug and secure. Always place the child’s head pointing at the top of the nest, and the feet at the opening where the strings are tied. You can adjust the size of the nest by pulling the strings, tie a bow with the remaining strings. Always place the nest on a flat surface.

Comfy and soft baby nest is made of 100% organic cotton that gives your baby extra comfort. It is perfect in transitioning from sleeping in the mother’s womb to supervised naps in its own cot. The baby nest has a soft foam mattress surrounded by a soft edge with a drawstring making the size adjustable, following the growth of your little treasure.

The Cam Cam Copenhagen baby nest is free from harmful substances, phthalates, fire retardants and heavy metals. The fabric is OCS certified, and the foam in the mattress is CE tested. The baby nest is breathable and air permeable – it complies with BS4578 “Test for hardness of, and for air flow through, infants’ pillows”.

The baby nest is easy to wash thanks to hidden YKK zippers. They make it easy to remove the cover and the filling in the edge. Don’t forget to remove the wooden board and mattress before washing 😉